Titanic toys that sink: A Perfect Titanic Gift Item

Titanic toys that sink: A Perfect Titanic Gift Item

The Titanic is an emotional classic of love that has captured our hearts for so many years and no doubt will still capture the hearts of generations to come. There have been plays, music, and other works of art inspired by the Titanic, so it’s no surprise that toy companies have also been inspired by the classic to manufacture titanic toys that sink.

Not only were they inspired, but they also worked hard at creating toys that are almost as realistic as the movie with the invention of boats and ships that can sink after those in the titanic.

These toys are available in several retail stores and even many popular e-commerce stores like Amazon, Alibaba, and the like. Here are some titanic toys that can sink and what makes them unique:

High-quality, detailed RMS Titanic model ship

The RMS Titanic model ship is a 1 foot-long ship that was molded and produced by The Fox In The Box. The piece is customizable by customers; it can be painted and brought to life by the customer after purchase. This toy is famous for its intricate details and representation of the Titanic ship.

Well detailed model of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald ship

This titanic toy model ship is an outstanding replica of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald ship. The ship measures about 1 foot and doesn’t require any painting to make it a masterpiece. This ship model features perfectly detailed droids and the beautiful paintwork.

Large Titanic Cruise Ship Building Blocks

This is an interactive and fun toy that allows kids to build the titanic cruise ship from down up. It was designed and produced by a Chinese company, Jiester. The blocks are made with plastic and each set contains 9090 block pieces.

Newland Titanic Ship Toy Assembly

This is another titanic construction game that is suitable for both adults and children. The set contains 371 pieces to build with and the finished ship measures 38cm in height, 88cm in length, and 13.5cm in width. The pieces are made of wood and each box comes with plywood, an assembly manual, and sandpaper. This would make a great showpiece once completed.

Buildmoc sinking titanic ship model set

Another construction toy of the sinking titanic ship scene. This building set contains 775 plastic brick pieces. The finished piece weighs 0.73kg and measures 11 by 11 by 43cm in size. This construction brings the sinking of the titanic ship to life in your home.

3D paper handcrafted titanic ship model

This titanic toy model is made from 3D paper that requires cutting and assembling to create a titanic masterpiece. The finished work measures 7cm in height and 67cm in width. This is also perfect for adults and children and is a great way to spend the day.


The Titanic is one for the history books in the movie industry and it’s no surprise that everyone wants to have a replica in their home. From pictures to handcrafted replicas of the titanic to these toys that bring some of the amazing features and scenes to life in your home. You can get any of these toys and build your titanic ship in your home and maybe even create a new scene.