The Exciting World of Lego Naruto Sets

The Exciting World of Lego Naruto Sets

Imagine combining two of the best things in animated action; that’s what lego naruto sets bring to the table. A perfect marriage of action and creativity.

Lego games and toys are arguably one of the best games of all time. Lego is a household name for more than building block games; they’ve produced mobile games and even movies and TV show versions of some of our favorite shows.

Lego and an all time favorite; Naruto have come together to create amazing game sets, ranging from video games to shorts and even the building blocks. Imagine building your favorite characters, items, weapons, places and even scenes from Lego blocks. Amazing, right?

Here are some of the sets born from the collaboration of lego and naruto that have been inspired by some of our favorite Naruto characters, places, and scenes:

The classic Naruto ramen restaurant brick set

This lego classic naruto ramen restaurant set features a box of 1,600 ABS plastic brick pieces. There are also 7charcter figures in each box and can be used by kids 12 years and older. The ramen restaurant measures about 22 by 24 studs.

Naruto mini action figures

The lego naruto mini action figures set contains between 6 to 8 action figure building blocks . Each action figure is about 4.5cm in height and are two faced with different expressions. This set can be used by kids from 3 years and above. The blocks are made with ABS plastic.

Naruto Snakes nine tails action figure set

The lego naruto snakes nine tails action figure set contains over a thousand building blocks for 8 naruto snakes action figures. The blocks are made with ABS plastic and are small. This set is suitable for kids aged 12 years and above.

Edo Tensei coffin building blocks set

The lego Edo Tensei coffin set contains 8 lego edo tensei coffin pieces in different colors. It is suitable for kids aged 4 years and above. This set makes a perfect birthday party gift bag item.

Naruto ninja building block sets

This naruto ninja building block set is made from self-locking ABS plastic and is suitable for children aged 4 years and above.The naruto ninja set contains 4 ninja character figures with 747 pieces of building blocks.

Naruto Bijuu Strongest Kyuubi Kurama Nine Tailed foxes set

The lego naruto bijuu nine tailed foxes set contains 3 sets of 4 figures with a total of 2,683 building blocks. This lego set contains several small pieces and is not suitable for children under 4 years to avoid swallowing. The blocks are self-locking ABS plastic blocks.

Lego naruto videos game sets

Lego naruto video games are available on Xbox, play station, and even mobile devices. Players are allowed to live through their favorite naruto scenes and possibly create their own naruto story.


We can’t get over the masterpiece that is lego naruto sets. Lego naruto sets are fun for both adults and kids and would make perfect party games or gift items. These sets are available for purchase in retail game stores and other e-commerce stores.