Styrofoam Sheets- Everything You Need To Know!

Styrofoam Sheets- Everything You Need To Know!

Styrofoam boards or styrofoam sheets are a kind of board-like material often used in roofs, walls, and foundations of buildings to make them thermal and waterproof. This material has a light blue color and is owned and manufactured primarily by a company called DuPont. They have also started working on similar kinds of boards which are green and white in color, and often use geometric and floral arrangements as decoration.

Globally, the term Styrofoam sheet is colloquially used for a white-colored material made by expanding polystyrene foam. This is used for making packing containers, coffee cups, as a cushioning material and also as food containers to name a few. Modern Styrofoam sheets are made from soluble organic solvents to make them more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Let us look into the advantages and uses of Styrofoam sheets. They are used in quite a few important industries, so we will look into a few of them.

Where Can I Use Styrofoam Sheets?

Check out these uses of Styrofoam sheets. They can be seen in several places, but these are the few major industries, which depend on such sheets a lot.

1. For Insulation In Containers

Styrofoam sheets are really thermal and water proof, and does not allow heat to enter inside containers, nor escape from it. So, often containers, which need to keep solvents or liquids at a particular temperature, use Styrofoam while manufacturing.

2. Creating Props

Besides being extremely cheap, styrofoam is extremely light and easy to move around. So, it is often used to make props and decorations in events and even in movies so that it can easily be carried, while also serving the purpose of decoration. The affordability factor further makes styrofoam sheets perfect for making props for school plays, theaters, movie sets, etc.

3. Craft Work

Artisans often use Styrofoam for craft work. Since they are light, and easy to work with, experienced artists can easily give shape to it to make masterpieces.

4. Filling Cavities In Boxes- Stuffing

Packing boxes often carry fragile materials, or sometimes the material inside them are not big enough. To prevent damage and breakage from accidental jerks, Styrofoam sheets are often used as stuffing in such boxes. Styrofoam is soft and works quite well as a shock-absorbent, and protects the materials inside.

5. Use In Automobile, Roads, and Other Construction Industries

Often automobiles, roads and other construction uses a layer of styrofoam that acts as cushioning as well as a inductor of heat. On absorbing hear, or sudden application of pressure due to jerks may cause damages or injuries, but the later of styrofoam sheet prevents it.


It seems quite evident that several industries use Styrofoam sheets for their purposes. It is a truly versatile item that can be used in several places. Though many changes have been made in the composition over the years, to keep its adverse effects on nature at a minimum, it still serves the same purpose. It does not seem that the world is ready for a newer alternative due to how cost effective and resourceful Styrofoam sheets are.