Should you buy FIFA coins or earn them?

Should you buy FIFA coins or earn them?

Since everyone wants to have free fifacoins, it is better to earn them rather than buying them legally or illegally. You just need to play games or sell items on the market to have these coins. Most professionals don’t recommend to buy FIFA coins from a third party or any other agency.

Here is how you can earn these coins and see what you can do with them.

1. Complete the Challenges

The major challenge you will have to face while playing FIFA game is “Squad Building Challenge”. And if you complete it, you will get many rewards, cash prizes, team kits and free coins. Just start with the easiest and go on to complete all. In the first stage, you will get a few players to build a team. You will then enter “League Challenges” with various rewards. These rewards may also contain coins.

2. Coin Boosts

A “Coin Boost” is the best opportunity to increase the balance when the season starts. But you will have to complete objectives and earn XP to have these boosts. And as suggested by the name, this will give your coins a boost. On top of your “match earnings”, you will get almost 100 extra coins because of the boost. They are usable in next 10-15 games. If you need to place a bet, you can use all at once for increasing your chances of winning more. That’s also the reason why most players like coins boosts a lot.

3. Start Selling Unused Items

If you can trade well, you are at benefit because it can help you get coins quickly. In “Ultimate Team”, the price of players rise and fall at any moment, hour or week. You just need to know when to buy and when to sell. If you buy at low prices and sell at high when the demand is more, you will end up having more than enough coins.

Also, don’t forget to sell the unused items that will bring you nothing. Check the list of all such items and see if you can sell them at high price. Those stadiums and kits will also help you win some coins.

So, the best way is to earn these coins by completing various challenges rather than buying them.

What shouldn’t you do with free fifa coins?

If you have a friend who wants a few coins, don’t send him/her the coins straight away. It is a kind of “Coin Distribution” that may go against the rules and regulations of the site. You are allowed to sell unused items but you can’t just send these. This will show that you have bought them just to sell in black or by illegal means.

Another form of it is the Giveaway of coins. Some sites pretend like they are offering Giveaways that includes FIFA Coins. That is also against the rules and regulations. And if you get from such sites, your account may get banned for some time. So, make sure you earn the coins by playing the game instead of relying on free ones.